IoCS supported training

The IoCS is extremely pleased to support the Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance Programme that is being delivered by the Confederation of Construction Specialists.

The Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance Programme has been designed specifically to provide a broad appeal and is targeted at all construction staff involved in any aspect of working with subcontracts or supply contracts.


The Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance programme is delivered online.

There are 6 modules to completing the programme:

  1. Introduction to Contracts
  2. Contractually Supervising and Managing Specialist Construction Work
  3. Obtaining Payment
  4. Handling Claims and Disputes
  5. An Alternative Form of Contract
  6. Specialist Subcontract Management

Modules  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are delivered through 1-day tutorials and unit 6 is spread over 2 tutorial days.

At the completion of each module, candidates are given an assignment to complete. Lecturers will mark the assignments and give feedback and provide support as needed.

On completion of the programme, the IoCS’s verification process checks a representative sample of marked assignments for consistency. After the successful completion of the verification process the IoCS will issue the appropriate certificate.

Contact the Confederation of Construction Specialists for information on start dates. A new programme will start in October 2024 after the 2023 programme has been successfully completed. Reserve a place now.