We are pleased to announce that we are now taking reservations for the 2024 IoCS Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance Programme which starts in October 2024. Contact gerald.kelly@constructionspecialists.org to reserve a place. 

Link to programme and cost details on the Confederation of Construction Specialists website

The 2023 IoCS Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance Programme  started in October 2023 and will finish in July 2024. It is a comprehensive programme that covers all aspects of administering contracts to reduce the possibility of entering into expensive disputes.

2022 IoCS Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance Completed!

The 2022 programme has been successfully completed and the certificates have been awarded. The candidates showed an excellent level of commitment to pass all the assignments. 

The commitment by their companies to support them on the programme financially and time wise has to be mentioned. Of course, the rewards will be seen by the companies as contracts will be administered correctly now that the candidates have covered how to do this correctly.  Well done to the candidates and to their companies!